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When calling a wildlife rehabilitator, please:

1)  have paper and pen handy for writing down additional phone numbers or directions.  Make sure the pen works.  Different volunteers are set up (food/housing) to handle different species and we try to find a volunteer that's closest to you.  In most cases you are responsible for bringing the animal to the volunteer so you'll be writing down directions to their house. 

2)  when getting an answering machine, leave a brief message and give your phone number slowly and clearly at the beginning and repeat it in case Call Waiting beeps in.  Also, give your major cross streets so we'll know what part of town you are in.

3)  IDing the bird is essential.  We can't help you until we find out what kind of bird you've rescued so we can determine which volunteer can rehab it. 

4) remember that we are a network of volunteers that rehab from our homes; you are not calling an agency. Most of us care for rescued animals while juggling jobs and family responsibilities.  Always contact a volunteer before coming over to their house to make sure they are home and can take in the animal.  Never leave a rescued animal on a volunteer's doorstep unless prior arrangements have been made.

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Last updated January 19, 2014