Hawks, owls, and eagles are categorized as raptors. They have sharp bills for tearing flesh and strong talons for catching prey.

Do not attempt to rescue an injured raptor as you can get injured.

Call the following organizations:

Liberty Wildlife 480-998-5550

Wild At Heart 480-595-5047

Adobe Mt. Wildlife 623-582-9806

If the bird is stunned and seems unresponsive, be aware that it could suddenly regain alertness and cause serious injury.

Important! All raptors are federally protected and there is a heavy fine (up to $15,000) for killing or injuring one of these birds.  If you have small pets and there is a hawk or owl in your area, keep your pets inside and/or walk them on a leash.  The bird cannot be removed and relocated.  Raptors will leave an area when the food source dries up or they relocate themselves to a different seasonal territory.  If you have a roof rat problem, think of him as a free exterminator.

Common Raptors in the Phoenix area:


Burrowing Owl
Burrowing Owl
Burrowing Owls
Burrowing Owls
at artificial burrow
Burrowing Owl Nestling
Burrowing Owl Nestling
Baby Raptor
We often get calls about a small owl that is standing by some sort of opening. Burrowing owls are the only owl that is active during the day and the parent bird often guards the nest site. If you approach the bird, it should fly a short distance away. They’re known for nesting in populated areas. If you have more concerns, contact
Wild At Heart 480-595-5047 for information.
Baby Raptor
Nestling Hawk
Raptor chicks are hatched with very fluffy down. They have curved bills like a parrot's and strong, sturdy feet with talons.


Barn Owl
Adult Barn owl
(used to be called
Sparrow Hawk)
is our smallest falcon,
about 9" long.

Cooper's Hawk
Cooper's Hawk


Screech Owl

This Screech Owl, like all owls,
has a vertical stance.


Nightjars/Poorwills have a bark-like appearance
to their feathers and their bodies stand horizontally.  They're often mistaken for owls.
For Poorwills, call Wild Wing Rehab
at 480-839-6660.


Last updated November 1, 2022